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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a long process.  It will take time and professional support for you to reorganize your debts under this structure.  However, under Chapter 11, you don’t give up your property and you don’t discharge your debts.

Chapter 11 is available to businesses and also to individuals with substantial debt.  There is no specific limit on the amount of time you may set for repayment.  You will work out a schedule for restructuring and repaying your debts over time.

This type of filing is suitable for any business organization that wants to remain in business after bankruptcy instead of closing down and liquidating.

It’s a good business decision to start discussing a debt restructuring under Chapter 11 today.  Be proactive in protecting your financial future and reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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Mr. O'Leary was great to deal with. Met with him for the initial interview and he fully explained what we needed to do and what would happen, how long the bankruptcy would take once the debts were forgiven. We were very happy with him and would definitely recommend Gravis Law.


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